Charnwood Consultancy is a small firm with big impact within the Building Surveying sector. Our aim is to provide a thorough professional service within the property market and built environment. The Team of Surveyors and Consultants collectively has over 30 years of expert knowledge and experience. As a professional firm we are continuously training, learning and monitoring current changes in regulations, trends, and products in order to provide better service and guidance. As a member of the RICS (regulatory body) we uphold the RICS code of conduct and apply this same value throughout our business, from staff members to freelance professionals working on our behalf.




The internal walls are investigated for dampness, where accessible

Internal damage caused by external defects

Internal cracks are not necessarily significant but should always be investigated.

Poor drainage can cause damages elsewhere.

Roof and chimney defects are missed due to no access.


We understand that your property is one of your greatest investments and needs to be looked after with great care and attention. With that in mind you need to have a firm or professional that will understand and share these same sentiments and where best to get this but Charnwood Consultancy.

Charnwood consutancy are changing with the market, trends and practices but keeping a high quality standard of professional studies. Getting the job done right does not just include providing th client with a great service without the consideration of how your service affects others and the environment. One of our many mantra is that a job worth doing is a job done well. 

We also support youg and upcoming professional through mentoring and apprenticeships. 

With lessons learn during the recent global pandemic it would be almost irresponsible to not make changes. We as a firm have taken the neccessary steps towards implementing changes. Charnwood Consultancy actively supports sustainability within the built environment and the effect we have on the nature on a whole. We have therefore pushed quicker than usual to use artifical inteligence (AI) in surveying and continue to advice our clients on sustainable options for building options. 

Where possible we use drones and telescopic cameras for inspections to eliminate the use of scaffolding which our studies found, generates 80% more carbon footprint  to get the same inspection done usine drones or telescopic cameras.