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Our team of surveyors and consultants will provide advice and answers to your queries via phone. Alternatively, you can email us.


01. What geo location do you operate

Charnwood consultancy is based in London and operates throught the London and the surrounding counties. 

02. Are you insured

Charnwood Consultancy are fully insured and compliant as required by the the law and RICS (regulatory body)

03. Whate are your costs

Every job is different therefore we would need to provide you with a quotation following a phone consultation. The cost is generally based on location, estimated value, number of bedroom, type of property and what report is required.

04. Are you compliant to safe working during Covid-19

We have a very high standard of safe working practice to enable our staff to protect themselves and our clients. 

05. Have you got a complaint procedure

Charnwood Consultancy have a strict complaint procedure. Please ask one of our representitive to provide you with this if required.