You may wish to only have an inspection of the roof and gutters current conditions or a full roof inspection and written report. The use of drones has proven to be the best option or more sustainable for various reasons including quicker turnaround time and no need for scaffolding costs.

Our drone pilots or surveyors are fully compliant with the Civil Aviation Authority (CCA) regulations for Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems.

Drone surveys are also ideal in projects and developments from the planning stages to the completion and life cycle. 

Roof and Chimney 

Detailed photos of defects found

Sustainable . Environmental Friendly .

All our drone pilots are fully qualified and regulated to fly and operate within the work areas. Our equipments and drones are checked and tested before every flight to ensure a safe working environment while during the operations. 

If you have any questions then please contact our team and request for a consultation with one of our drone pilots/surveyor. 

Drone surveys are available with still photos and video formats. This could include point of potential defect or areas or fly over video footage with the purposes of ensuring you receive a high level of technical detail to support your project.


  1. PHOTO ONLY - You may wish to know the current condition of the top parts of the property and would like to have photographs only.

  2. COMPLETE REPORT WITH PHOTO and VIDEO -  A full survey complete with photo and video will be submitted electronically via our portal. 

  3. MAPPING - Our qualified drone pilots or operators will provide detailed mapping of the proposed site or progressive inspection. 

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